Genership 1.0: Beyond Leadership Toward Liberating the Creative Soul

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It is so different, says Castro, that it deserves a new name.

A Strong Team Functions Together Like Parts of the Head -

Throughout the book, Castro invites us to think about the ways in which this community practice of creativity is central to human progress and even to human identity. As part of his case, Castro offers a potent critique of traditional leadership processes within organizations, introducing us to three fallacies: the messiah fallacy, the hero fallacy and the fallacy of leadership nostalgia. This unflinching assessment is provocative and timely. One need only think about the presidential election to see how a culture can become imprisoned within such fallacious thinking. In clearing the path for genership, Castro offers much more than a critique of traditional leadership practices.

In a series of meaty chapters, he meditates on specific and interrelated organizational practices central to creativity within groups: Listening, CoThinking, CoVisioning, Relationships, Conflict and Learning, Systems Thinking, Creativity and Group Dynamics. Some of these passages tread ground that will be familiar to students learning organizational theory, which Castro acknowledges has informed his perspectives.

This work, however, provides something profoundly new: an overarching idea—genership—that has the potential to change the conversation within organizations about the meaning and practice of leadership. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Genership 1. Happy reading Genership 1.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Do we arrange a better Christmas party? Lead teachers gradually release all classroom responsibilities to the Fellow over the course of the year, facilitating growth in all aspects of the profession. In the spring semester, Fellows begin taking coursework at Trinity Washington University in the evenings, helping to make connections between education theory and the classroom practice being observed in their residency year.

Residency year partner sites are innovative urban schools that are dedicated to supporting new teachers, and showcasing best teaching practices. As Inspired Teaching Fellows, and AmeriCorps members, Fellows are called to apply their skills and ideals toward helping others and meeting critical needs of the community.

Fellows join a national network of like minded individuals working to serve their country. AmeriCorps engages over 80, individuals each year, including 1, members in the District of Columbia. Being an AmeriCorps member is a benefit of being an Inspired Teaching Fellow, but it is not required. Fellows who have received two AmeriCorps awards previously, or have started but not successfully completed an AmeriCorps program, are not eligible.

Potential enrollment in AmeriCorps will not affect the application process. AmeriCorps funding is granted on an annual basis and notifications are made in the summer. Teachers learn how to identify and integrate the Inspired Teaching Instructional Model into their classrooms. Experience a truly engaging classroom as it compares to a compliance-based classroom, in order to develop an understanding of how engagement more effectively supports learning. March 10, Participants are engaged intellectually, emotionally, and physically in an Inspired Teaching session at the K Education Forum at the Ashoka U Exchange.

Creating Beauty by Tony Rammaricati. She has worked in the District as a secondary, post-secondary and adult educator for over fifteen years. Kaneia joined Center for Inspired Teaching in where she managed, designed and facilitated programs for pre- and in-service teachers and professional coaches. Still, chief among her greatest joys is being at home with two colluding, shrieking and kinetic toddlers. After graduating from college, Elly came to work for Inspired Teaching as a program officer and has worked with Inspired Teaching as a facilitator over the years.

She has worked as a staff development teacher in MCPS and as a central office specialist for the last 9 years. Max Peterson Youth Programming Coordinator. What have you been curious about lately? How do we really know that the color I see is the same color someone else sees?

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Is there a way to ever really know for sure? John Nolan is a finance executive with over 30 years of of experience at organizations of various sizes. John's work with non-profits has primarily focused on educational organizations.

For three years he was on the board of Imagination Stage IS of Bethesda, a youth focused arts and education organization. John also served for six years on the corporate advisory board of So Other Might Eat SOME , the DC based poverty services organization that is greatly expanding its job training programs. Pricing scales based on the length of the course and the number of participants. Teams or schools that return for additional courses or contract work may be eligible for a discount.

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  8. Additionally, if you refer other individuals or schools for engagements with Inspired Teaching, we will gladly discount your next contract in appreciation for helping us reach new teams and schools! Refund Policy: You may cancel your registration for a full refund more than 30 days before the course. Are you interested in experiencing a different kind of professional learning that models what engagement-based instruction looks like?

    Curious about how improvisational theater can add excitement and build relationships in your classroom while helping students to master content? Join this introductory workshop from Inspired Teaching to learn more. This workshop will let you try out Inspired Teaching professional learning and discover all the courses and programs that we offer. Free to schools with Inspired Teaching alumni. Appropriate for all educators at all grade levels. Register Now.

    Genership 1.0: Beyond Leadership Toward Liberating the Creative Soul

    Mary Kadera Interim Executive Director Mary is Inspired Teaching's interim executive director and oversees the organization's work to support teachers and their students as changemakers in education and in their communities. Mary has more than 25 years of experience in the education field, working in a variety of capacities to support educators and students and to transform K teaching and learning so that it is more engaging, effective, relevant, and joyful.

    What is your favorite lesson to teach and why?

    It's all about metaphor and is a terrific example of seeing everyday things with an entirely fresh perspective--something we could all use from time to time! In this type of classroom environment, educators can provide opportunities for multiple forms of evidence of student learning so that test scores are not the only source of data. Excelling educators bring play-based learning into classrooms at every grade level and utilize teacher evaluation tools that value physical and social-emotional engagement as much as intellectual engagement.

    A thriving classroom community requires the teacher to know each students, and the students to know each other. These positive relationships help students feel supported by teachers, administrators and peers.

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    4. Participants will learn and practice the methods that skilled facilitators employ to engage all kinds of audiences. Activities will center around the importance of flexibility while facilitating, presenting with con dence, and leading reflective discussions. This not only enhances the ow of discussion, but also fosters a workplace environment that welcomes new and innovative ideas. Participants will practice the art of improvisation, first theoretically, and then in relevant work situations. Participants will come away with an understanding of the need for improvisation in the workplace, and with new skills to both boost their individual and team performance.

      Outcomes: Generate new ideas and build on ideas of others Strengthen improvisational skills Develop a more flexible mindset and adapt to a variety goals Increase effectiveness through creative problem solving. It can also take the form of rewards or punishments. This session focuses on the ways that managers communicate with employees, namely through feedback and motivational strategies, and teaches how to use feedback effectively to advance employee learning and performance.

      These companies employ systems and policies that foster the learning of new skills, challenge entrenched routines, and push staff members to develop open mindsets. Managers will experience what an engagement- based work environment feels like, through activities that inspire them as learners and professionals. They will learn approaches to creating engagement-based spaces for employees. Employees will engage in activities that shift mindsets and improve 21st century skills including critical thinking, creativity, and systems thinking.

      Participants will learn how to directly apply these skills to speci c roles and situations. Participants will explore ways they can foster and sustain positive office culture and relationships through self re ection, understanding personal needs, relationship building with colleagues, improvisational activities, and role playing conversations. In this 1-day course, educators will investigate various forms of authentic assessment, and how authentic assessment can be applied in their individual grades and content areas. They will also experience authentic assessment from a student perspective to establish a firm point of reference in contrast to traditional assessments of learning.

      Appropriate for: all educators at all grade levels. Sign up to learn more!

      e-book Genership 1.0: Beyond Leadership Toward Liberating the Creative Soul

      Too often, these discussions become a series of back-and forth exchanges between the teacher and individual students. In this course, we'll explore a variety of ways to infuse discussion into classrooms so that students contribute more content and own the discussion itself. All of these skills are at the heart of the improvisational artist's repertoire. In this 1-day course, we'll play and learn improvisational games and activites that educators can bring directly into their classrooms and organizations. During the two days, we will: Align informal education program goals with formal education system goals to ensure that informal programs can build on and extend what students are learning in school Build engaging, student-centered, hands-on STEM lessons that promote critical thinking and content-knowledge development.

      Practice facilitation skills that are essential for leading student-centered STEM lessons in a productive and safe way. Take a critical look at different models for informal STEM programs with the goal of designing new programs or improving existing ones Take a deep dive into the Next General Science Standards NGSS as a way to connect with the formal school system, and as a framework for designing meaningful STEM programming. Participants will collaborate with each other and facilitators to plan for and grow equitable classroom practices through sharing, exploring, creating, and modeling new strategies.