The Ugly Duckling

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Then a cold wind started to blow. Suddenly a big hungry dog came tearing by, chasing the two ducks. All at once, a tiny light blinked far off in the woods. He flew to the door. The door of the hut creaked open. Her eyes were not that good. Then she looked down.

The Ugly Duckling - Children Story by Tales with GiGi

A tomcat and hen crept up to the Ugly Duckling. The door was still a bit open, so our poor Ugly Duckling slipped out the door, and back into the storm. The storm ended. Soon he found a new lake. Looking into the water, the Ugly Duckling saw the reflection of a flock of large white birds flying. He looked overhead and could not believe what he saw. There, above him, were the most beautiful birds he had ever seen! Their long white bodies and slender necks seemed to just glide through the sky. He watched until the very last bird had winged its way out of view. He stayed at that lake all by himself, and time passed.

The leaves of the trees turned deep red and gold, and then the leaves fell to the ground.

Winter came, setting a blanket of white snow all over. The cold wind and the dark clouds made the Ugly Duckling feel even more sad. He had to go into the cold, cold lake to fish, but it was getting harder to swim. The lake was turning to ice.

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One day, it was all he could do was to paddle the water to keep it from freezing around him, and trapping him in the lake. The ice got thicker and drew closer to him. In a moment, two giant hands swept him up. He held the Ugly Duckling close to his thick wool jacket and took the bird to his home.


Never was a warm fireplace more welcome! For the rest of the winter, the farmer cared for the Ugly Duckling. Then spring came. Tips of green covered the trees. Short, bright flowers popped up from the ground. He took the duckling back to the lake where he had found him, and set him with care on the water. He heard quiet splashing sounds behind him, and turned around. A flock of those same beautiful birds he had seen in the sky before landed behind him on the water. I will not make trouble for you. He turned to go away.

The Ugly Duckling Full Story - Animated Fairy Tales for Children - Bedtime Stories

When he opened his eyes, he saw a reflection in the water of one of those beautiful white birds. Why was it so close to him? He jumped back. And the reflection jumped back, too.

The ugly duckling

A big fat tear rolled down his cheek. He stretched his neck, and the reflection of the beautiful bird stretched its neck, too. Then, the bird who used to be the Ugly Duckling knew what had happened! He was no longer an ugly gray bird that wobbled when it walked. He was now a beautiful white swan! They scared the duckling, so he ran away. Once again he was by himself and the bitter cold only made things worse. More time passed, and somehow the duckling managed to survive a harsh winter. Now spring was here, and would you look at that! The duckling had grown much larger, but was he happier?

No, he was still sad. However, this was about to change. The duckling caught sight of those same swans from earlier.

He thought they would reject him if he tried. Consequently, these very swans heard him crying, so they went over to see what was wrong. Soon after, they welcomed him as one of their own. This was very surprising to the duckling.

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Just then, he saw his reflection in the water. He was, in fact, a beautiful swan. Fish out of water 2. Square peg in a round hole 3.